Hello! Welcome to my food blog – The Weekly Dish by Jackie J. My name is Jackie and I decided to start this blog thanks to my love for food and cooking – especially for others.

This love for cooking came from my grandma and my mom.

Growing up my grandma would always make the most delicious meals. From all of our holiday gatherings (large and small) to even our casual family dinners. It always made her so happy to see her house full of loved ones enjoying her cooking. My mom has carried on this love for food and hosting. Leading up to parties and holidays my mom always makes a list of all of the yummy dishes she wants to make just like how my grandma has all of these years.

As I got older I loved being able to help my grandma and mom in the kitchen with cooking. Seeing how happy it made them to have others enjoy their cooking made me want to be able to do the same.

Since then I have spent the past couple of years learning from them and finding the food that I personally love to make. I’ve found that my favorites are those dishes that require a couple of ingredients, are pretty quick to make and are of course – extremely delicious!

I hope you are able to find a recipe or two that you are willing to try and fall in love with just like I have. Thanks for stopping by my page as I share what I love with the world.